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3 months ago

Winterfest 2019 Recap

Winterfest 2019 Recap

Sponsors:Kopacetic Beer Factory

Dustin, Matt, and Ant recap the two-day Winterfest beer event, talking about what they liked and disliked about the event itself along with discussing the beers they sampled. Throughout the show they sample Kopacetic Beer Factory 2018 Murkules variants.

What we talked about: * Kopactic Beer Factory The 1st Russian Imperial Stout * Winterfest Friday Night Line Issues * Why do they use glass sample cups over plastic sample cups * Patron Shot #1 * Kopacetic Beer Factory Peanut Butter Murkules * Did Winterfest Friday feel like a true VIP experience? * Beers we tried on Winterfest Friday * Kopacetic Beer Factory Espresso Murkules * Patron Shot #2 * Beers we tried on Winterfest Saturday * Kopacetic Beer Factory Strazz Murkules * Sorry Corey, we meant Brokerage Brewing not Backstep Brewing! * Patron Shot #3

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