Barrel Chat Podcast
2 months ago

Swamp Ape

Hosts: Matt Muncy, Dustin Wood, Ant Blair

Guest: Trent Fleener, ZwanzigZ Assistant Brewer

Sponsors: Kopacetic Beer Factory

We changed it up on you this week by drinking a House Beer AND a Whale. We also decided to ditch the regular naming convention (we shall see if that sticks) because episode numbers are pointless and Swamp Ape was too good to pass up.

What we talked about: * Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout * Matt’s First Beer Trade * Founders Racism Lawsuit * Patreon Shoutouts * Cardinal Spirits Biershnaps * Matt’s trip to Metazoa & Wabash Brewery * Sierra Nevada 2018 Narwhal Imperial Stout * What’s Ant & Dustin been drinking * Sierra Nevada 2014 Barrel Aged Narwhal Imperial Stout * ZwanzigZ bottling any big beers????? * How does ZwanzigZ make beer with actual bacon? * Matt’s wine tasting experience

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