Barrel Chat Podcast
a year ago

HB001: Sun King's Sunlight Cream Ale

Here it is, our first House of Beers episode! We started off with the king of Indiana house beers, Sun King BrewingSunlight Cream Ale. With the rise of barrel aged, hazy, and fruited beers, we decided to take our listeners back to the roots of craft beer with a dive into the history of Sunlight.

Dustin then regales us with his tales from Boston, including trips to Trillium Brewing, Tree House Brewing, Aeronaut Brewing, Harpoon Brewing, Idle Hands Brewing, and Night Shift Brewing.

To wrap up the show, we discuss our trip to Monticello, IN which included a stop at Whyte Horse Winery and Kopacetic Beer Factory for their May the 4th Be With You event where we got to sample their new bottle release, Russian for Maple. Flat12 Bierwerks, Fountain Square Brewing, and Burn 'Em Brewingalso made an appearance at the event.