Barrel Chat Podcast
4 months ago



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Our first episode of the new year and it's our 40th episode so you know we had to do it right by bringing 40s to drink.

What we talked about: * Why is no one Randalling Malt Liquor? * King Cobra * What’s the profit margin on 40s? * Difference between beer and malt liquor * Patreon Shoutout and Patron Shots * Curtain Giveaway Winner Announcement! * Beers Matt has been drinking * Matt’s first trip to Stoney’s Liquors * Beers Dustin has been drinking * Second round of Patron Shots * New Years Eve TV Viewing * Our favorite Beer of 2018 * Our favorite Brewery of 2018 * Our favorite House of Beer episode of 2018 * Our favorite Whale Hunters episode of 2018 * Our favorite interview episode of 2018 * Will the Haze Craze die out in 2019?

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