Barrel Chat Podcast
2 months ago

DJ Calypso Hop

DJ Calypso Hop

Sponsors: Kopacetic Beer Factory

We dove into a plethora of IPAs on this episode, discussed Founder's comments on the lawsuit, and learned Trent plans to get a Tramp Stamp.

What we talked about: * Can we change Monticello, IN to Barrel Chat, IN? How about just getting a National Barrel Chat Day in Monticello? * Indiana City Brewing Cacti City DDH IPA * BrewLinks Brewery You Cereal Beer, what’s it all about? * Rochester Mills Lush Milkshake IPA * Founders Brewing’s rebuttal to Tracy Evan’s lawsuit claims * Patreon Shoutouts & Hotel Tango Victor Vodka * Random tangent about documentaries * Old Nation Brut IPA * Thought’s on 450 North’s new Sour IPA series * Hoosier Brewing’s Haze Head IPA * What’s everyone been drinking? * Transient Artisan Ales The Juice is Loose Double IPA * Trent’s Tramp Stamp

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