Barrel Chat Podcast
a month ago

Naturdays & Beer Modeling

Sponsor: Kopacetic Beer Factory

Guest: Alena @acraftbeergirl on Instagram

We drank delicious Naturdays, Matt made an outrageous claim, Dustin talks Florida beers, Ant is all about Retronasal tasting, and Alena explains life as a Instagram Beer Model.

What we talked about:

  • Natural Light Naturdays
  • Indiana City Brewing Co. Früt Brüt
  • Beer Trading
  • Treehouse Double Shot: Espresso
  • How Alena got started as an Instagram beer model & beer trading
  • Indiana’s antiquated beer laws
  • Treehouse Somewhere Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known
  • Ant explains Retronasualing
  • More about Instagram beer models
  • Alena’s neighbors likely think she is a pornstar
  • Patreon Shoutouts and Hotel Tango Victor Vodka
  • Trillium Brewing Co./Monkish Brewing <Insert Hip Hop Reference There>
  • The fun side of beer release lines
  • Did you know you can drink in public legally in Indiana? Matt didn’t.
  • Trillium Brewing Co. Stillings Street DDH IPA
  • Beers Dustin drank in Florida on vacation

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