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5 months ago

BC023: Talking Juice Distribution w/ Craftroads Beverage

BC023: Talking Juice Distribution w/Craftroads Beverage

Sponsors: Kopacetic Beer Factory

Matt and Dustin met up with Emma, Taylor, and Mike of Craftroads Beverage to learn more about the business, how beer distribution works, and sample a few of the beers they distribute throughout the state. If you want to play along at home, take a drink every time Mike says “juice.” Might we suggest you grab a session ale or some other low abv beverage as you follow along.

What we talked about: * What Craftroads Beverage does for the Indiana craft beer community * How Craftroads Beverage got its start * Rochester Mills Brewing Milkshake Stout * How out-of-state brewery relationships begin * How social media has a major impact for breweries who use it vs those who don't * Avery Brewing Out of Mind Coffee Stout * How many breweries/meaderies/cideries Craftroads currently represents * Emma’s reasoning for moving from brewery sales rep to distributor sales rep * Rochester Mills Brewery Juice Bigelow Hop Gigolo * Differences between selling out-of-state beers vs in-state beers * What's the easiest brand to sell? * Melvin Brewing Drunken Master Rotational Imperial IPA * What's the process for deciding with beer, liquor, or grocery stores to work with * What's the process of setting up a tasting with one of these stores * Setting up the 12 Milkshake Stouts of Christmas events * The Pioneer Series * Avery Brewing Company Tweak

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