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5 months ago

BC022: Snitches Get Stitches w/Indiana City Brewing Co.

BC022 - Snitches Get Stitches w/Indiana City Brewing Co.

Guest: Ryan Oesch and Nick Shadle, Brewers from Indiana City Brewing Co.

Sponsors: Kopacetic Beer Factory

What we talked about * Welcome to our first LIVE episode! * Ubering to Monticello, IN * Indiana City’s Cratchit’s Ale * Ryan’s homebrewing background * Nick’s homebrewing background * Extract vs All Grain brewing difference * Indiana City’s Ice, Ice Hazy NEIPA * What makes a Hazy beer hazy * What Indiana City beers are previous homebrew recipes of theirs? * Indiana City’s Mythical Apothecary * Indiana City’s Cranberry Primo Gose * How does a Gose differentiate itself from other sours? * Patreon Patron Shot and Shoutouts * Indiana City/18th Street’s Chupacabra * Collaboration Day with 18th Street Brewery

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