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3 months ago

BC024: Back-to-Back-to-Back Gold w/ZwanzigZ Pizzeria & Brewery

Barrel Chat EP. 24: Back-to-Back-to-Back Gold w/ZwanzigZ Pizzeria & Brewery

Matt, Dustin, and Ant traveled to Columbus, IN to find out more about ZwanzigZ. They learned about the brewery from head brewer Mike Rybinski and assistant brewer Trent Fleener. Halfway through the episode, ZwanzigZ's owner Kurt Zwanzig dropped by and we learned about the history of the pizzeria. The entire story sounds like a movie script.

What we talked about: * ZwanzigZ Columbus Pale Ale * Mike’s brewing backstory (get ready to be captivated) * Why they invested in a larger brewing space * How Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate was invented * Story behind the inspiration to create the award-winning Ghost Pepper beer * ZwanzigZ Brut IPA * Trent’s brewing backstory * ZwanzigZ Hippie Porter * Discussion on why a solid base beer is needed if you want to create a good beer with added flavors * Our thoughts on the ZwanzigZ Milkshake IPA from Winterfest * As a brewer how do you brew a brand new style for the first time * How does ZwanzigZ brew beer that tastes like it’s from a bigger brewery * What happens when the beer doesn’t hit their standard? * ZwanzigZ BA Scotch Ale * Heaven Hill Devils Cut * Kurt ZwanzigZ drops by to give us the backstory on ZwanzigZ Pizzeria before the brewery

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