Barrel Chat Podcast
a month ago

Papa India November Tango Charlie Yankee Charlie Lima Echo

Sponsors: Kopacetic Beer Factory

Guest: Chris Hutchinson, owner of The Pint Cycle

What we talked about:

  • Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA
  • Dustin’s beer adventure (Indiana City Brewing)
  • Chris’ beer adventure (Four Day Ray)
  • Matt’s beer adventure (Toppling Goliath, Dogfish Head, Sun King)
  • Drinking local: Local brewery vs Local bar
  • Vacation beer vs every day beer
  • What’s with the beer prices at Helium Comedy Club?
  • Patreon Shoutouts & Hotel Tango Victor Vodka
  • We learned the NATO Phonetic Alphabet
  • Best unknown places to shop for craft beer
  • Random tangent about Deer Creek/Klipsch/Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center and the Lawn at White River
  • Four Day Ray Blood Orange Blonde
  • Chris educates us on the world of Pint Cycles
  • Where did Chris get the idea and “passion” for starting The Pint Cycle?
  • Expanding to other locations? How about into Disney’s Magic Kingdom Parade?
  • How much does a bike cost?
  • Downtown Indy kind of sucks to drive around and park
  • Indiana City Brewing Ice Cream Apocalypse
  • More breweries should open up their designs to outsiders (i.e. high schoolers, local artists, etc)
  • Insurance for a Pint Cycle
  • Story of the first group on the Pint Cycle
  • #MoreAdam
  • Can we drink from a keg on the Pint Cycle?
  • What happens if someone throws a glass bottle into traffic?
  • Untitled Art/Crooked Stave Coconut Cream Pie Blonde Stout

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