Barrel Chat Podcast
10 months ago

BC021: Mind Melding w/New Day Craft

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We sat down with New Day Craft's Tia Agnew (CEO) and Brett Canaday (Cider/Mead Maker) to learn more about the business, how they got into making cider and mead, and how they've kept it going for 14 years. They also drop some exclusive tidbits on upcoming releases and ideas currently fermenting. Throughout the episode we sample 10 of the cider and mead varieties, learning about how Canaday makes each one and other interesting facts.

Cider & Mead on the show:

Gold Rush

South Cider

Johnny Chapman

Washington's Folly

Shelby Blue Ribbon

Live Currant

Breakfast Magpie

Cacao Cinnamon Breakfast Magpie

Vanilla Breakfast Magpie

Imperial Breakfast Magpie

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